Spring Hoops FAQ's

Who can play? Boys and girls starting in the 3rd grade to seniors in High School can play.
When will games be played? Games will be played at the Timberlane Middle School Gyms.

Why should my son or daughter play for HBA? At HBA we have a very high success rate for teaching players the game of basketball. It is not about their skill level, it is about one thing, learning the game of basketball.

Will there be an assessment? Yes, there will be a mandatory assessment in November. All registered players must attend. At the night of the assessment, coaches will draft there teams.

Will there be practice? Yes, At Hopewell Basketbal,l we feel that practice is more important then playing in a game. What you lean at practice you use in the game.
Practice nights will be assigned at the night of the assessment.

Can my son or daughter play on the same team as there friends? It is up to the coach who is picking his team. All changes in trading players and practice times will be done by the coaches. All trades must made before the first game.

What is the height of the baskets in Winter Hoops? The baskets will be regulation height 10’.

How much playing time will my son or daughter get during the games? In division 1, everyone will get to play 2 quarters. In division 2,6th to 8th and Division 3 grade 9th to 12th 1 quarter will be guaranteed. Coach’s discursion applies.
Can the kids play a zone defense during the game? Yes, Winter Hoops is basketball with no restriction on any defense. (Division 1 Must Play Man to Man. See Rules Page)

Are the kids allowed to press the ball? Pressing is allowed, if a team is up 15 points, they can not press.

What night’s are the games and what times will my child play? Games will be played on  Saturdays, starting at 8am.


For more info please contact us at ask@hopewellbasketball.com or call or text 609-540-0419.