HBA Questions and Answers

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Below are questions and answers from parents who are interested in having there child play basketball for HBA.

My child’s basketball skill level is beginner, so I was going to sign him/her up for the other organization in town until he/she gets better. This is the wrong answer. First off, we at HBA take all skill level players. Players learn from experienced coaches, free clinics and other players how to play the game the correct way. We have limited restrictions on how the game of basketball is played. We follow local travel and high school rules. All our games are played on 10 foot baskets and in full size gyms. Our teams are drafted by the coaches and reviewed by HBA for balance. Because of the variety of skill level in our league and on each team, one player will not be able to dominate an entire team as in some rec leagues. The HBA experience is about learning the game of basketball and having fun.

I am new to the Township and was wondering what the difference between HBA and the other organizations out there?

HBA is dedicated to one thing and that is basketball only. We only run basketball programs. All HBA games are played on regulation size courts and baskets. Our rules are simple, just play basketball, have fun and learn the game. In addition to the games and practices, we offer 5 to 7 free basketball clinics throughout the season for our players. You child will learn the game; our coaches have played high school or college basketball and know the game and are there to teach your child. At HBA we believe that practice is more important than the games. What is learned in practice can be used in the games.

My child is in the 4th grade. What Division will he or she be in?

Divisions are broken down by grade. Division 1 consists of 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Division 2 consists of 6th, 7th and 8th graders and Division 3 consists of 9th to 12th graders.

My child plays for another organization and gets to play 2 quarters per game. Does HBA have the same rules?

Yes, but we have a catch. Our teams only consist of 9 players.
This gives the coach the ability to play kids longer than the 2 quarters.
Our Division 1 has a mandatory 2 quarter playing time. Our Division 2 & 3 is a little bit different. Divisions 2 & 3 only gets 1 quarter mandatory. Each player gets to earn their time.

Is HBA a Non Profit organization?

Yes, HBA has been a non profit organization since its inception. All fees collected are put back into the basketball programs we run. The fees are used to pay for gym time, insurance, equipment, uniforms and referees.

My child has been playing basketball for years now at another organization, why should we switch to HBA?

This is a no brainer; first off your child must like to play basketball. Would you have your child play Baseball, Football or Soccer from an organization that does not specialize in Baseball, Football or Soccer? At HBA, we only do Basketball and will teach your child the game. See the first FAQ above for additional reasons to switch. If your child likes to play basketball, HBA is the place to play.

My son’s/daughter’s best friend(s) are playing at another organization in town, but he/she wants to play HBA. Who should we play for?

This is a hard decision for parents and kids. Everyone wants to play with their friends. But if your son/daughter is interested in learning and playing the game of basketball, HBA is the way to go. Invite their friends to play as well. We’re sure that they will have a great experience playing HBA basketball also.

Does HBA have referees?

HBA will have 2 referees for every game.
HBA will only employ referees that have passed there floor certification and are patched.
You will also see our referees refereeing at high school varsity and JV games.

What is the difference between Spring Hoops and Winter Hoops?

In Winter Hoops we have a lower registration due to the fact that kids are playing organized basketball, whether it being travel or school basketball. In Spring Hoops we get all the travel and school players playing. The rules are the same.

I see that HBA is affiliated with the Jr. NBA and WNBA so is the other organization in town. What is the difference?

When HBA started out 5 years ago we were the first organization in the area to become affiliated with the Jr.NBA and WNBA. The others just wanted to get on the band wagon. HBA has the rights to use the Jr.NBA/WNBA logo on our website and jerseys, the other organization does not.

What makes HBA so different then the other organizations?

HBA wants to make basketball better in Hopewell Township. We want our kids to learn the game at an early age like all the other townships are doing.
We offer more basketball programs then any other organization in Mercer County.
HBA has 2 websites www.hopewellbasketball.com and www.hopewellbasketball.net.
Both websites are updated daily during the basketball season. The www.hopewellbasketball.com site has the schedules posted for all the Spring Hoops and Winter Hoops games. So there is no need to have a schedule to lose. The www.hopewellbasketball.com site also has write ups, stats and pictures of all the games. This site is updated daily during the regular seasons. The www.hopewellbasketball.net site is the over flow and sister site and is used for news and program enrollments.
Both are set up for easy online registration for all our programs. And we accept all major credit cards. Other organizations do not have the online registration. We offer 5 to 7 free clinics a year for our players. We also have a major sponsor for our league. Dick’s Sporting Goods has been our sponsor for the last 4 years and every year Dick’s Sporting Goods in Princeton has had a HBA night at their store. HBA players can get 20 to 40% off of basketball equipment. At HBA we will go the extra mile for our players. Every year 3 players get a scholarship to the Shoot it Better Mini Camp. This camp teaches players the correct way to shoot the basketball from a NBA coach.
We pick the players who show the most interest and want to learn more basketball.
In 2007, HBA made a donation to the Hopewell Central High School to purchase “ The Shoot Away Gun” this device will help the high school players learn to shoot the basketball and make our teams better. As our logo states we want to make basketball the # 1 sport in Hopewell.

My Son or Daughter wants to learn the game of basketball. Why should we have them play HBA? HBA is basketball, not swimming or T ball. Like HVSA is for soccer and HVBSA is for baseball and softball. We teach the one sport.
Why would you send your child to an organization that tries to teach all the sport to learn basketball? This does not make any sense.

My son is in the 7th grade now and the other organization does not have a program for him that he played for years. Will he struggle playing HBA ball?
Yes and no. Yes. Some players who come over for the other organization struggle in the beginning of the season. HBA teaches the skills needed to play basketball. As the new player skills get better so does the player get better. On an average a 5th and 6th grader playing HBA ball for a year or so has a better skill level then the new 7th grade player starting out in HBA. This is because of lack of skills.
No, some of the 7th grader plays Spring Hoops basketball. This program gets you ready to play Winter Hoops or Travel Basketball. Basic skills are taught to the players.

It seems like the other organization has the same programs and ideas as HBA?
Well I guess HBA should be flattered
HBA starts new programs and new ideas and the other organization just copies them. HBA has been around doing basketball for 7 years now. And every year we have one of our programs or ideas copied. In 2006 HBA became the first organization to become part of the Jr.NBA in Hopewell Township. Well 3 years later the other organization copied us. HBA has the legal right to use the Jr. NBA logo on jerseys. The other organization does not. Since day one HBA has done free clinics to increase basketball awareness. Well in 2011 the other organization is doing the free clinics only to increase there camp enrollments. Not to increase your basketball skill.
In 2010/11 HBA started the Jr. Series of programs and camps to meet the needs of the K to 2nd graders. We started off with the Jr. Winter Hoops program. Then we offered the Jr Hoops summer Camp. Well don’t you know the other organization in town copied the Jr name.
And is now calling there camp the Jr. Camp.

What programs does HBA have?

Jr Winter Hoops K-2nd Grade
HBA has a basketball program for everyone.
Winter Hoops grades 3rd to 12th boys and girls
Spring Hoops 3rd to 12 grade boys and girls
Travel Basketball grades 4th to 8th boys and girls
Bulldog Boot Camp with Jack Wolff grades 6th to 12th grade
Lady Bulldog Boot Camp with Elisa Haggarty
Real Deal Preseason Preparation Camp grades 3rd to 6th
Men’s 18 and over Monday night basketball
Men’s 30 and over Thursday night basketball
Shoot it Better Mini Camp with NBA coach Hal Wissel
Basketball World Summer Camp
The Billmeier and Nardi Skills Camp grades 3rd to 9th grade boys and girls. New this year AAU teams, Jr Winter Hoops and Jr.Hoops Summer Camp. New Summer Adult Basketball League.

My son or daughter wants to play Travel Basketball. What is the difference between HBA Travel Basketball and the other organizations? HBA Travel Basketball is completive basketball and all our teams get placed into A teams leagues. The other organization is placed into B team leagues where players get equal playing time (Expensive Rec Basketball) . HBA players earn starting spots by working hard. The other organization starts players who show up early before games. 99% of HBA Travel players play on the middle and high school basketball teams. The other organization is not a feeder program for the local middle and high school.

The other organization says that every child plays and every child is a winner, what about HBA? Well, every child plays at HBA also. But we are realistic; HBA prepares your child for basketball. Not every child can be a winner at HBA. Hard work and desire make winners. HBA prepares its players to play completive basketball and have fun playing basketball.