HBA Future Plans

Our Future Plans

HBA is looking for a new home. For the last 19 years HBA was renting the HVRSD gyms for our Winter and Spring Hoops, Travel Basketball and Adult programs as well as for our many camps. During this time, HBA has grown tremendously, nearly doubling our teams and programs. As such, HBA has been looking at property in and around Pennington to call our future home. Our 2 year plan is to build a basketball facility that will house 3 to 4 basketball courts and allow year around basketball training and leagues. Currently, with the limitations on gym availability, HBA members can only play locally 6 months out of the year. With our own Facility, our members and local residents will be able to experience a full year of Hopewell Basketball. With HBA’s own facility, we plan on adding Fall and Sumner Hoops programs, plus additional basketball camps and adult programs. HBA would also be able to host travel leagues and AAU Tournaments. If you liked us 6 months out of the year you are going to love us 12 months out of the year at our new home.

Since HBA is a non-profit organization (501c), in an effort to meet our goals, we are looking to raise money through a Capital Improvements Campaign as well as selling annual and permanent sponsorships.

HBA will be asking its members to help us in our efforts. When registering for a program there will be a pop up box that will ask members to support the HBA Capital Improvement Fundraising Campaign. Additionally, if you are interested in a sponsorship, please call Bob Alton at 609-540-0419 or send an email to sponsoreships@hopewellbasketball.com

Keeping Our Members up to date

Below are drawling of the inside and outside the HBA facility. 

Thanks for helping to support our youth Basketball programs in Hopewell.
Board of Directors


HBA is Looking for a new home. If you know someone who is selling land or willing to donate land please let us know ASAP