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We are Coaches and Players dedicated to making Basketball in Hopewell Twp. NJ the #1 sport. Our AAU teams will only take 4 players that are not from Hopewell Twp.This will give the Hopewell kids a chance to strengthen their basketball skills and grow. For more information please contact us at; ask@hopewellbasketball.com



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Hopewell Basketball Association has been approved to run the Jr. NBA / Jr. WNBA basketball league in Hopewell Township. Basketball will never be the same again..
We will be offering, Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter boys and girls basketball leagues. For more information on the Jr. NBA /Jr. WNBA please go to http://www.nba.com/jrnba/If you are interested in playing in the Jr. NBA /Jr. WNBA, please register at the SH registaration page